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Consult & Propose

We do respect every artwork that done by customer, but we provide consultation if needed. Everyone is designer nowadays due to people know how to do simple layout via Microsoft Office or even online free app.

Problems customers usually face when producing their own design/artwork.
1- Colour 
2- File format
3- Dimension
4- Picture sharpness
5- Layout
6- Printer/production guide

How to solve customer problem?
1 – We make sure the colors come out correctly ( print / paint ).
2 – We understand the usage of different file format and send the right file to production.
3 - We make sure the artwork being designed with correct proportion or dimension.
4 – We make sure the picture is good enough to print.
5 – We guide your target audience how to read your advertisement with proper layout.
6 – Different production has their process guideline, we are here to make sure the print is in order.