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Graphic Design Service

Searching for graphic design services in Singapore? Let us provide you with the best services in this area! Lim Sign is a graphic design agency offering various types of services.

Choosing a Graphic Design Agency

What can one think over when speaking about graphic design? Surely, it is an art - inimitable, creative, and omnigenous. Each piece of graphic design should be not only beautiful and attractive but also thoughtful and thoroughly developed. It should represent a business or project specificity and provoke the interest of as many clients as possible.

The mentioned above is a job of graphic design companies. Choosing one, consider the works' quality, a time limit for performance, creativity, and - of course - the interest in your project.

Graphic Design Services Singapore - Lim Sign

Our creative team is glad to provide consultation and efficient offers for commercial and governmental projects. We always coordinate our ideas with the customers’ needs and wishes. Our graphic design services include:

- artwork for print;

- branding;

- sign drawing;

- shop window display design. 

You can also visit us if your printing partner doesn't provide design services. We will be happy to cooperate with them on behalf of your company.

The Benefits of Graphic Design Services by Lim Sign

Besides specially designed signs, we have got a collection of ready products for display stands. Welcome to observe them at our Showroom located in the Singapore CBD-Bugis area. Take advantage of emerging cooperation with Lim Sign. We guarantee:

- speedy production;

- fast inquiry;

- online payment & hassle-free island delivery to customers.

What Design Services do We Offer?

Well, if you need to get some experienced, creative, and unique graphic design services for business, choose Lim Sign right away! Our graphic design agency deals with signage printing. 

What can we offer you?

Artwork Refinement

We put the finishing touches on customer’s ideas based on non-proper design tools ensuring the file format follows the production requirements.

Banner & Poster Graphic Design Services

We create designs for banners and posters (outdoor PVC banner, rollup banner, backdrop, A2, A1 or bigger size, etc.). 

Other Graphic Design Services 

Get branding, logos, menus, flyers, sign drawings, and much more at Lim Sign!

Find the below selection of graphic design services Singapore to observe our offers.